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Hello, I work on a small podcast where I like to interview indie dev's and their projects, would you like to do an episode? My contact info is on profile and link to my channel.


great atmosphere and controls.

Still im not satisfied with the way - we fire bomb and bullets.


Thanks for the feedback. Control remapping is on the way! In the meantime, if you use Steam, adding the game as non-steam lets you change the controls as middleware.

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It would be great if the keys could be remapped. I would like to be able to reverse the pitch controls. The audio/video production is great. Great atmosphere! I will say it is quite a difficult game. Will need some practice for sure.

Thanks for your feedback! The difficulty setting is trying to imitate the original one... but if you read the tips on the page, the learning curve is softer. Control remapping is on the way! Thanks again!